St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School Technology Class

The Diocese of Arlington's Technology Standards were revamped for the 2015-2016 school year and they encompass:

  • Technology Systems (Use It)
    • Develop foundations in the understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.

  • Digital Citizenship (Protect It)
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the history of technology and its impact on society. Practice ethical, legal, and responsible use of technology.

  • Research and Information Management (Find and Organize It)
    • Use digital tools to locate, gather, evaluate, and organize information and data.

  • Learning, Collaboration, and Problem Solving (Solve It)
    • Use a variety of technologies to support and enhance learning, encourage collaboration, increase productivity, and solve problems.

  • Communication and Creativity/Innovation (Create and Communicate It)
    • Use technology for communication, creative thinking, and developing innovative products using various media formats.

The students will be growing and strengthening their technology skills in these areas, as they complete assignments and projects created in support of the Diocesan curriculum in the various content areas.

What we are learning: Keyboarding practice occurs weekly throughout the year.

September: Rules and procedures for computer class; Math,Science Reading
October: MS Word: Nametags, Study Island,

November: Internet Unit

December: Christmas Around the World Research

January: ELA Benchmark Testing, Powerpoint Unit

February: Math , Powerpoint Unit

March: Read Across America sites, Study Island, MS Excel

April: Science Fair Spreadsheets and Charts

May: Tagxedo, Internet Safety, Sumdog

Keyboarding Hand Position
Keyboarding Hand Position!account!account

Coding: Code Monster

Computer Basics:

Parts of a Computer Input/ Output Device Technology Glossary Choose grade level:


external image Screen%20Shot%202015-07-19%20at%203.11.33%20PM.png

Presentation Skills:
1. Powerpoint title page

2. Making Slides

3. Insert Clip Art or Text

4. Review Presentation

Introduction Review Spreadsheet Understanding Spreadsheet

Word Processing Review

World Wide Web/ Internet Safety:

www. Surf Safely Safety Review

Educational Games/ Apps!

Write a Friendly Letter/ Poetry: Poetry Comic Strips

Language Arts Websites:

Reading Strategies:

Math Websites:

Reseach Websites:

Foothill Horizon's

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Keyboarding Hand Position
Keyboarding Hand Position!account!account

In this unit, you will learn about computers and how they work.

Activity 1

In this activity, you will visit the Brain Pop website and view a video about computers and how they work.

Parts of a Computer

Activity 2

Click the link below to learn some basic computer terms, learn the different types of computers and how they are used.

You will use this information to answer the questions that you will see when you click the link below. Note: this is a Microsoft Publisher document and it is read only. You will have to save this file in order to use it. Please save it in your Fifth Grade Introduction to Computers folder on Student Common.

Save the file as Your name + activity 2 answers.

Activity 3

Click the link below to learn about input and output devices. Then create a table of devices.

Fifth Grade

First Quarter
Kerpoof Tutorial - choose "Make a Drawing"

Typing Web- practice typing website

Typing Test - quick and easy typing speed test

Research a Coon Dog
Second Quarter
The Biology of Plants
Third Quarter
Google Earth
Features of Google Earth

Explorer Routes in Google Earth
Explorer Route Maps
Explorers of North America
Explorers Research
Fourth Quarter
Word Processing
If you finished early, you can go to the following sites:

Try some of these fun activities if you finish your work early!

external image litebrite2.gif
Lite Brite
external image myoats.gif
My Oats
external image drawminoes.gif
external image flame_painter.gif
Flame Painter
external image crayola.gif
Crayola DigiColor
external image eyecandy.gif
Eye Candy
external image thisissand2.gif
This Is Sand
external image bomomo.gif
external image flabby_physics.gif
Flabby Physics
external image magnetic_poetry.gif
Magnetic Poetry
external image solidedgegarage.gif
Solid Edge Garage
external image sandiegozoo.gif
San Diego Zoo
external image fraboom.gif
Fraboom Online Museum
external image word_games.gif
Awesome Word Games
external image cartoon_maker.gif
Toon-Books Cartoon Maker
external image sporcle.gif
external image youngzine.gif
external image givethedogabone.gif
Give the Dog A Bone
external image scrap_coloring.gif
Scrap Coloring
external image whizzwords.gif
Whizz Words
external image orisinal.gif
external image stop_frams_animator.gif
Stop Frame Animator
external image monsterschoolbus.gif
Monster School Bus
external image Line_Rider_Beta_2.png
Line Rider
external image wordmagic2.gif
Word Magic
external image tween_tribune.gif
Tween Tribune
external image toytheater2.gif
Toy Theater
external image wordle01.gif
external image tagxedo.gif
external image rotateandroll.jpg
Rotate & Roll
external image spinart2.gif
Nick Jr. Spin Art
external image edheads2.gif
external image sheppard2.gif
Sheppard Software
external image playkidsgames.gif
Play Kids Games
external image auditorium2.gif
external image optical.gif
Optical Illusions Challenge
external image isleoftune2.gif
Isle of Tune
external image paint_like-Pollok.gif
Paint Like Pollock
external image must-pop-words.gif
Must Pop Words
external image freerice1.jpg
Free Rice